​Honey & Sweets

Why not just  “Come see what’s growing on !”

And remember that “Fresh is Best” here.

Q Are you open all year round?
A No. We are currently a seasonal stand. We open mid-April and close Oct 31st

Q What are your hours?
A In season, we are open Wednesday thru Sunday 9:00am – 5:00pm.
   Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Q Do you have pick your own?
A No.

Q Do you take credit cards? 
A Yes, Visa and MasterCard, also Senior and WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program Checks, 
   and Cash Value Vouchers.

Q Do you grow your our own produce?
A Yes we grow as much as we can on our 10 acres. Vegetables and fruit that we don’t have 
   room to grown are picked up daily from other South Jersey farms.

Q Is it all Jersey produce?
A Yes, everything except some of the onions.

Q Do you have Heirloom tomatoes?
A Yes, we have plants in the spring and tomatoes in summer.

Q What do you specialize in?
A Pole lima beans, which, depending on Mother Nature will start in August. Since there is a 
   big demand, we usually take orders and have a long list from year to year.

Q How can someone place an order for pole lima beans?
A Call or stop by to get your name on the list. 

Q What kind of plants do you grow?
A Bedding flats, annuals, beautiful hanging baskets, vegetable plants and herbs a wide variety 
   of each and maybe some not found elsewhere.

Q Do you have local honey?
A Yes, from Harvey’s Honey in Monroeville NJ. We offer assorted flavors and sizes. If you 
   have allergies a local honey is just what you need.

Q What else do you have?
A Assorted products all made with Jersey produce like jams, pickles, canned tomatoes, 
   marinara sauce, hot peppers, etc.