​Honey & Sweets


Why not just  “Come see what’s growing on !”

And remember that “Fresh is Best” here.

Q Are you open all year round?
A No. We are a seasonal stand. Open May 1st to mid September.

Q What are your hours?
A We are open Thursday thru Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm.
   Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Q Do you have pick your own?
A No.

Q Do you take credit cards? 
A Yes, Visa and MasterCard.

Q Do you grow your own produce?
A Yes we grow as much as we can on 10 acres. Vegetables and fruit that we don’t have 
   room to grown are picked up daily from other South Jersey farms.

Q Do you have Heirloom tomatoes?
A Yes, we have plants in the spring and tomatoes in summer.

Q What kind of plants do you grow?
A Bedding flats, annuals, beautiful hanging baskets, vegetable plants and herbs a wide variety 
   of each and maybe some not found elsewhere.

Q Do you have local honey?
A Yes, from Fruitwood Orchards in Monroeville NJ. We offer assorted flavors and sizes. If you 
   have allergies a local honey is just what you need.

Q What else do you have?
A Assorted products all made with Jersey produce like jams, pickles, canned tomatoes, 
   marinara sauce, salsa, etc.

Q Do you have pies.

A Yes, our local bakery provides us with a wonderful assortment on the weekends. Also delicious tomato pies when     Jersey tomatoes are in season.